Istrian cuisine... it is a meeting of civilizations:
the Mediterranean and Central European areas.

What is most recognizable are the features of littoral and continental cuisine: fish, crustaceans and shellfish prepared in various ways; pasta (fuži, gnocchi, lasagna, pasutice...) with sea food, various wild game sauces; prosciutto, sausages and pork loin (ombolo), sauerkraut, polenta... In inexhaustible variants, the various forms of minestrone soup complete the main features.

As for wine, the inevitable Malvasia and Teran are at the head of the procession from the local cellars. One of the local specialties is the Istrian soup (Istarska supa), which is red wine with toasted bread, oil and sugar – a wine you eat –everything prepared on a homey fireplace. Heritage Hotel Chersin offers the "Da Nonna" gourmet restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine where you can try the Istrian-Italian specialties, Istrian and Italian wines, the best olive oils and other delicacies that will satisfy even the hardest-to-please.

On the terrace of the gourmet restaurant you can enjoy home-made cakes, the early-morning Italian coffee, an afternoon glass of wine, or a nightcap.